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Go Gear Direct is devoted to finding and highlighting the gear you need to zero in - on your lifestyle, your passion, your training and your protection. We're breaking through the barriers of a slow-moving, inflexible marketplace, to help you gear up with the most innovative and best performing tools and gadgets out there. Whether you're downrange, downriver or just enjoying some downtime, we're here to ensure you get the most out of every one of your pursuits.

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New Arrivals

  1. Picatinny Rail Segment - Anodized Black Aluminum

    Unique AR keeps it sleek with a form fitting Picatinny Rail offered in 6 lengths from 2.2" to 14.5". …

    $16.00 - $54.00
  2. Gaurdian Killzone | Selectable

    Another AR500 challenge to add to your gaurdian target system. Includes shipping within the US.

    $232.00 - $250.00
  3. TAZ AR500 Replacement Paddles | Selectable

    3" or 6" AR500 Replacement Paddles. Includes shipping within the US.

    $48.00 - $55.00
  4. TAZ Guardian Target - Parts

    Get back on target with the parts you need. Includes shipping within the US.

    Price As Built
  5. MSR 15 Bore Guide

    This bore guide will work for your AR15-CAR15, M4, M16 .223 & 5.56 Cal. Don't go stabbing in the dark, …

  6. Guardian System - Choose your Options

    Save as you build.  Shipping with the US included.

    Price As Built

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