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  1. Joe Wall Charms - Selectable

    Add these attractive firearms inspired charms to your favorite charm bracelet, or add them to a Joe Wall S…

    As low as $99
  2. 1911 Trigger Earrings

    You’ll look stunning and enjoy sharing the finer points of trigger control with these fine earrings. 

    Out of stock
  3. AR Bolt Head Lapel Pin

    Keep your memories of training alive everyday with this powerful yet elegant pin. Live confident. Live ran…


    Show off your personal Mantra with these subtle phrases to remind you of what is important, on and off of …

    Out of stock
    As low as $87
  5. Joe Wall Heart Rings - Selectable

    Share you love of your 1911, AR, or Over and Under Shotguns with these beautiful Sterling Silver Heart Rin…

    Out of stock
    As low as $112
  6. Joe Wall Silver 1911 Trigger Bracelet

    Show off your style and love of the shooting sports with a selection of attractive Sterling Silver Bracele…

    Out of stock
  7. AR Bolt Necklace - Stainless Steel

    AR Bolt Necklace - Stainless Steel the latest version of an American Icon!For the first time, your favorit…

  8. Firing Pin Necklace

    Firing Pin Necklace an elegant pendant that shows you mean business and like to be at the heart of the act…

  9. Gemstone Bullet Necklace

    Precious Gemstone Bullet Necklaces!Each of these is truly unique - both a story of your passions, and a st…

    As low as $30
  10. AR Bolt Head Tie Bar

    Keep your memories of training alive everyday with this powerful yet elegant tie bar. Live confident. Live…

    Out of stock
  11. Instinct 2S - Standard Edition

    Whatever you do, own it with the Instinct 2S - Standard Edition of rugged GPS smartwatches. They're tough …

    As low as $299.99
  12. Coffee Bean Necklace

    But First…Coffee!Coffee Bean Necklace, the aroma of that first pot brewing. The warmth of your mug. That…


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