Go Gear Direct and Lodestar Works joined forces in January of this year with an aligned mission to improve the performance and safety of firearms and accessories dedicated to the hunter and outdoor enthusiast! We do this by supporting inventors in firearms accessories and outdoor gear and developing our own superior products.


One of the products we are developing is a “smart” 9mm firearm. “Smart” is a misnomer but has been publicly embraced to describe new technologies that improve products already in use, like doors, telephones, TVs and even refrigerators. Think about it, your door can message you that it has been opened or someone left a package. In a similar fashion, use of technology in a firearm can build the ‘safe into the gun’ and provide information allowing you to be in control.

Our firearm builds the safe into the gun with a patented mechanism that prevents the firing pin from being released if the authorized user has not unlocked the firearm. We have provide three independent methods to lock and unlock the firearm, biometric (fast and efficient), Near Field Connection with your phone (unlock/lock with the touch on your screen) and pin pad (slower, back-up). During the development cycle, we have been demonstrating our firearm for many news streams.

You can check some of them out here.


Initial attempts at developing “smart guns” stalled in large part due to a law mandating their adoption in New Jersey. Such mandates are a threat to the 2A rights of law-abiding citizens to keep and bears arms of their choice.

Lodestar fought behind the scenes to have the NJ law repealed. But the idea remains alive, most recently in a draft Bill in Massachusetts just shown to us by the State Representative proposing it. Although the Bill is intended to incentivize the development of smart guns with tax credits, the inclusion of a mandate to take effect in 2030 in MA will have the opposite effect! Lodestar privately told this to the Massachusetts Representative and his staff.

At Lodestar, we are going to focus on development, not politics. We are skeptical of most “gun safety legislation”, which often is a thinly disguised attempt to curtail our Constitutional rights. Earlier this year I participated in a written debate on this subject. While not exactly bipartisan, it allowed us to get Lodestar’s position out there.

If interested, please check out our position at Divided We Fall.

Authored by Gareth Glaser, CEO and Cofounder