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  1. 50KAP Headlamp Package

    The 50KAP Headlamp is perfect for scanning or shooting when predator hunting, Camping, backpacking, walkin…

    As low as $199.99
  2. Coyote Cannon wired dimmer slide switch

    Coyote Cannon Wired Dimmer Slide Switch.

    Out of stock
  3. 38LRX FlashLight Pack excluding Batteries and Charger - Selectable LED Color and Quantity

    This is a great light for hunting, scanning or all around flashlight use for those that don't need to see …

    As low as $104.99
  4. 66LRX Gun Hunters Package -No Case - Selectable LED Color and Quantity

    The 66LRX is the furthest shining light for the price. You will be able to light up animals eye's at even …

    As low as $204.99
  5. Two 21700 5000mah Batteries

    Two 21700, 5000mah batteries. Will work only with Coyote Cannon lights.

  6. Coyote Cannon Dimmer Tail Cap

    This dimmer tail cap will only work with the Coyote Cannon Sniper Hog Light.  Allows for tuning brigh…

  7. Coyote Cannon Gun Hunters Package - Selectable LED Color and Quantity

    Looking for the farthest reach in a weapon mounted Flashlight? The Coyote Cannon Hunters Package is for yo…

    As low as $274.99
  8. 66LRX Gun Hunters Package -Selectable LED Color and Quantity

    The 66LRX is simply the furthest shinning Led light on the market for it's size and price. You will be abl…

    As low as $214.99
  9. Dimmer Tail cap

    Available to ship mid March. Dimmer tail cap works with Sniper Hog Light 30LR, 30LRX, 50LR, 50LRX, 66LR & …

  10. Two 18650 3500mA Batteries

    Two 18650, 3500mA batteries.

  11. 21700 and 18650 Battery Charger

    Sniper Hog Lights 21700 and 18650 Battery Charger.

  12. Coyote Cannon Scan Light Package - Selectable LED Color and Quantity

    The Coyote Cannon Scan Light Package gives you a hand held light that reaches further than any of the comp…

    As low as $164.99

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