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  1. T-Handle Bar

    The T-handle bar can be used with any of the Otis obstruction removers for added comfort while pulling a p…

  2. 12 Pack Star Chamber Cleaning Pads (5.56MM)

    Pack of 12 replacement cleaning pads for the 5.56MM/AR-15 or 7.62MM Star Chamber Cleaning Tool

  3. Bore Reflector

    The fact of the matter is if a safety tool is readily available, it will be used more. The Otis Bore Refle…

  4. Large Slotted Tip

    The large slotted tip is used for .22 - .27 caliber firearms. The slotted tip's 8-32 end attaches to the e…

  5. 12" Cleaning Cable, T-Handle Stud, T-Handle

    The flexible cables are coated so as to not damage the crown and have a 750 lb pull strength.

  6. Gungenics Pistol Cleaning Kit | Gear Direct Select

    Go Gear Direct has pulled together some of the best items into a pistol kit. We have thought of the conven…

  7. Modern Spartan Systems - Starter Kit Plus

    These FOUR HORSES are EVERYTHING needed to OPTIMIZE the performance of your firearms in one convenient sto…

  8. Spartan Accuracy Oil

    This technology is simply the best firearm lubricant on the planet.  The power of this product to red…

    As low as $12.21
  9. Carbon Destroyer

    Everyone loves Carbon Destroyer.  We hear all the time that “it is BY FAR the BEST FIREARM CLEA…

    As low as $10.08
  10. Rand CLP | Combo Pack

    Includes a 2 oz. bottle of Rand CLP, a 4 oz. bottle of Rand Bore & Bolt and a 1 oz. tube of H.A.W.G. Gre…

  11. 45 cal Brush/Jag

    The green 45 cal / 40 S&W brush and jag work with the handle as a part of the Gungenics patent-pending Qui…

  12. .40 S&W Brush/Jag

    The red 40 S&W / .41 cal brush and jag work with the handle as a part of the Gungenics patent-pending Quik…


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