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  1. Bipod Shooting Sticks

    The most versatile shooting sticks you will find.

  2. Hog Hunting Kit | Go Gear Direct Select

    For a limited time, you can get 10% off this group of select product for your next pig hunt.

  3. Firefly Electronic Wind Detector

    Firefly is simple to operate-just push the button on the side and it immediately starts sampling wind dire…

  4. Tentsile safari connect | Beige, Brown

    The Safari Connect is one of the most robust 2 person tents in the world, and can handle the toughest envi…

  5. Replacement Poles | 3 Person Set-Up

    Custom cut color coded DAC Pressfit 9.5mm 3P extensions (green) issued with new Trail 43 and Ni…

  6. Mons Peak IX Guy Lines Set

    These reflective guy lines are standard issue with Mons Peak IX tents. Buy an extra set to use in the seco…

  7. Mons Peak IX Night Sky 4 Person Tent Footprint

    This Mons Peak IX footprint is designed to work with the Night Sky tent in 4P mode.  It will help ext…

  8. Mons Peak IX Stake

    if you only need one stake, this is the one to buy.  The Mons Peak IX Stakes are strong with lig…

  9. Mons Peak IX Trail 43 | 4 Person Tent Base

    This is an exact replacement for your Trail 43 4P base.

  10. Replacement Poles | 4 Person Set-up

    Custom cut color coded DAC Pressfit 9.5mm 3P extensions (green) issued with new Trail 43 and Night Sk…

  11. Mons Peak IX Night Sky Tent Repair Kit

    It you need it, this kit has what you need to repair your Night Sky Tent


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