Gear up for that special gift. Zero in on that special lady.

From Chasertinis to help her relax to adjustable holsters to keep her ready, these are the gifts you can give her—that prove you get her.

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  1. Reach 2S Holster Safe

    Secure your handgun with the Vara Safety Reach 2S Holster Safe. A hybrid of a holster and a safe, allowing…

    As low as $279
  2. AR Bolt Necklace - Stainless Steel

    AR Bolt Necklace - Stainless Steel the latest version of an American Icon!For the first time, your favorit…

  3. Firing Pin Necklace

    Firing Pin Necklace an elegant pendant that shows you mean business and like to be at the heart of the act…

  4. Gemstone Bullet Necklace

    Precious Gemstone Bullet Necklaces!Each of these is truly unique - both a story of your passions, and a st…

    As low as $30
  5. Women's Light Hiker Quarter Lightweight Hiking Sock

    A new addition to the Light Hiker collection is the Women's Light Hiker Quarter Lightweight Hiking So…

    As low as $21
  6. Coffee Bean Necklace

    But First…Coffee!Coffee Bean Necklace, the aroma of that first pot brewing. The warmth of your mug. That…

  7. Ammo Evolution Butterfly Necklace

    Ammo Evolution Butterfly Necklace is a body of the butterfly and is a 223 caliber bullet! The butterfly re…

  8. Paperclip Hoop Earrings

    Our coveted paper clip style has just been released in earring form!We have now paired in Paperclip Hoop E…

    As low as $125
  9. Shark Tooth Earrings

    Shark Tooth Earrings, worn by lovers of the ocean for years as a symbol for bravery, strength, and protect…

    As low as $175
  10. 223 We The People Bullet Necklace

    Whether you are looking for an upgrade to your everyday style, or a statement piece sure to start a conver…

    As low as $249
  11. ORCA Large Logo Vino 12oz

    Vacuum-sealed ORCA Large Logo Vino 12oz made to keep your wine cool and fresh.

    As low as $22.50
  12. 1.5L Ceramic Cook Pot Carbon

    Features 1.5L cook pot is ready to cook any meal on the trail Ceramic coated for easy, nonstick cookin…


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