Gear up for that special gift. Zero in on that special lady.

From Chasertinis to help her relax to adjustable holsters to keep her ready, these are the gifts you can give her—that prove you get her.

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  1. Kodiak | Selectable

    A true survival paracord bracelet that could actually save your life. It is so much more than just rope on…

  2. Firebiner National Park | Selectable

    Taking pride in your nation's national treasures and protecting your life in one multi-functional tool is …

  3. 5.56 NiB-X® Accent Kit

    With this kit you can customize your MSR in your select colors while minimizing friction and wear to its k…

  4. NiB-X® AR-15 BILLET CHARGING HANDLE | Selectable

    This WMD Guns NiB-X® AR-15 Billet Charging Handle's lightweight billet aluminum construction makes thi…

  5. MSR Full Auto Bolt Carrier Group | Selectable

    Proven through 30,000 rounds of Government protocol endurance testing and guaranteed for life against chip…

    $140.00 - $175.00
  6. The Perfect Tug Toy

    The Perfect Tug Toy will keep Fido pulling and tugging until one of you calls it quits. Probably you!

  7. Lotus Dragon | Selectable

    Just like the flower, the Unique ARs Lotus Dragon hand guard is pure beauty. The free float handgu…

    $185.00 - $320.00
  8. Tentsile stealth | Selectable

    The Stealth Tree Tent is a 3-person, modular tent with a fully removable insect mesh and rain cover!

  9. Stainless Steel Chasertini 8 oz with Clear Lid

    The Stainless Steel Chasertini 8 oz with Clear Lid makes havng a sippy cup no longer child's play.

  10. Vapur .7 Liter Water Bottle | Selectable

    The Vapur .7 Liter Water Bottle has enough fluid capacity to keep you hydrated, hunting or hiking for…

  11. Mons Peak IX Tiger Paw Z135 Trekking Poles

    Designed and built for 4 season use, the Tiger Paw Z trekking poles are perfect for hikers looking…

  12. Axis Rechargeable | Green

    Employing some of the latest innovations in rechargeable battery technology, the Axis Rechargeable Headlam…


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