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  1. Replacement Poles | 3 Person Set-Up

    Custom cut color coded DAC Pressfit 9.5mm 3P extensions (green) issued with new Trail 43 and Night Sk…

  2. Mons Peak IX Guy Lines Set

    These reflective guy lines are standard issue with Mons Peak IX tents. Buy an extra set to use in the seco…

  3. Mons Peak IX Stake

    if you only need one stake, this is the one to buy.  The Mons Peak IX Stakes are strong with lig…

  4. Mons Peak IX Trail 43 | 3 Person and 4 Person Tent

    A great toss it in your vehicle or your backpack kind of tent.  Very light weight for the size. …

  5. Replacement Poles | Main

    Custom cut color coded DAC Pressfit 9.5mm main poles (silver) issued with new Trail 43 and Night Sky tents…

  6. Orca Tini 13 oz

    Orca Stainless Tini 13 oz includes our signature whale tail flip-top lid for ease of portability so y…

    As low as $40
  7. MightyMo® Cooking System

    The MightyMo®  Cooking System packs a lot of simmer control in a little package.

  8. 0.7L EZ Lick Foldable Dog Bottle

    The Vapur® EZ Lick™ foldable dog water bottle is the ultimate all-in-one solution for hydrating …

  9. LifeStraw Flex with Gravity Bag

    Looking for a versatile water filtration system for your hiking and camping trips?  The LifeStraw Fle…

  10. Camp Kitchen Cleaning Kit

    Keep that camp kitchen clean with OE's cleaning kit. Kit contains 2 silicone sponges and 1 wash towel.

  11. LifeStraw Peak Series Membrane Microfilter Replacement

    LifeStraw Peak Series Membrane Microfilter Replacement, for everyday filtration, road trips, travel. Life…

  12. Zippo FireFast® Torch

    Carry the torch for campfires. The Zippo FireFast® Torch delivers power and performance when you need it…


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