Just the gear you need when you’re just starting out.

The newer you are to shooting, the more new ground there is to break. Here’s the gear that’s made for beginners, but won’t make you feel like one.

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  1. Modern Sporting Rifle Cleaning Kit - Go Gear Direct Select

    Go Gear Direct has pulled together some of the best items into a modern sporting rifle kit. The best in …

  2. Gungenics Pistol Cleaning Kit - Go Gear Direct Select

    Go Gear Direct has pulled together some of the best items into a pistol kit. We have thought of the conven…

  3. Shotgun Cleaning Kit - Go Gear Direct Select

    We’ve hand-selected everything you need to give your shotgun a thorough cleaning—and left behind every…

  4. GGD Secure | Accurate | Holster Combo

    Your M&P Shield is ready | Redeye Tactical Holster, Identilock Biometric Trigger Lock and a Remsport 9m…

  5. GGD - SportEAR X-Pro | Flambeau Gear Box Combo

    Now get FREE shipping and a FREE Flambeau Gear Box when you purchase the Sports Plug X-Pro. The AXIL Sport…

  6. Firebiner Bundle

    Firebiner & Accessory Kit + Flambeau Medium Box + Free Shipping. Just $30.

  7. Kodiak | Selectable

    A true survival paracord bracelet that could actually save your life. It is so much more than just rope on…

  8. Para100 | Selectable

    Custom | Fire-starting | Survival Paracord

  9. Firebiner | Selectable

    A survival multi-tool carabiner that is so useful you will want more than one.

  10. Accessory Kit | Selectable

    The Firebiner Accessory Kit is the perfect size and accessory to make sure you are prepared.

  11. Small Precision Box

    The 3 11/16" x 2 9/16" x 13/16" Small Precision Box offers both clarity and impact resistance. A rust proo…

  12. Zerust® Gun Plug

    The pocket sized Zerust® Gun Plug snaps into most caliber gun barrels filling the bore with a harmless…


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