For Adhering vinyl and paper-based targets to commonly used substrates for target practice across archery, firearms, and air-gun trajectories.
Substrates or substrate coverings or exterior types currently supported: *Cardboard *Styrofoam Blocks *Poly-wrap Bags *Hay Bales *Foam Blocks


Inserting and removing TargetTack
Always hold TargetTack by gripping the head with your index finger and thumb with dominant hand.
2. While holding the paper-based target with your non-dominate hand on the substrate, point and level the TargetTack Tip towards one ofthe four corners of the paper target, where your non-dominate handis safely positioned and firmly press TargetTack through the paper target into the substrates until the bottomof the headis fully secured inposition leaving nospace between the TargetTack, paper-based targetand supporting substrate.
3. Some substrates like the poly-wrap bags may require some people to slightly rotate left and right as you apply equal pressure with your index finger and thumb while holding the TargetTack head for easier inserting and removal.
4. CAUTION: if needed, turn the TargetTack clock wise a 1/4 inch depending on the substrate to ensure fully secure to the target and supporting substrate.

Suspending of holding ONLY cardboard or styrofoam substrates with three inch shaft length or greater and less than one pound of total weight
With at least a three inch TargetTack shaft length, a Target Tack may be used to hold or suspend cardboard or styrofoam substrates by inserting the tip of the TargetTack into the top edge of cardboard or top of the styrofoam substrate through always holding the TargetTack by gripping the head with your index finger and thumb with your donimate hand. CAUTION: A 1/4 inch turn may be required to ensure the TargetTack is fully and safely secured. Do not tery to hold more than one pound at a time for each of these substrates. Depending on the dimensions of the one pound or less substrates used, it may require two or more TargetTacks to securely and firmly hold or suspend a given substrate in place. 
2.  The eyelet contained within the head of the TargetTack will allow for string or rope to hang the substrate for ease of positioning in accordance, with SAFETY items 1-14 listed in this Safety & Use instructions pamphlet,

Recommended use for One or Three Inch TargetTack withSubstrateCoveringor Exterior Types 
1. One Inch- Best for coardboard, styrofoam an, polyfusion blocks, and ploy-wrap bags
2. Three Inch- Best for hay bales and foam blocks

Using Eyelet for affixing tags, labels, orribbonsfortarget identification and acquisition
1. Only For Use with light weight string, tags, labels, or ribbons with total weight oftwoor more ounces or less.
2. Tie Knot with the string of choice to a tag, label, or ribbon of choice to the eyelet of the TargetTack head and let naturally hang.
3. Ensure that hte affixed tag, label, or ribbon does NOT obstruct or cover any part of the target used for target shooting or practice, where archery, firearms, and air-gun trajectories are intended to hit.


Store in Original Packaging or Equivalent Packaging 
1. Always store TargetTacks in either the original packaging initially purchased or an equivalent sealable packaging to minimize loosing or misplacing TargetTacks and to keep TargetTacks safe and ou tof harms way.
2. Always keep TargetTacks in sealable packaging stored in a safe and secure location. until ready to use.
3. When Finished using TargetTacks for adhering paper-based targets to substrate, substrate covering or exterior types, TargetTacks shall be returned to the original or equivalent sealable packaging for storage and safe transporting.
4. TargetTacks should remain out of direct sunlight when stored or transported to minimize possible damaging sunlight exposure that may breakdown polycarbonate materials overtime. 


Disposing of TargetTacks
1. Ensure all tacks are in the original or equivalent sealable packaging are are sealed.
2. TargetTacks are made from recyclable materials and like other sharp recycable objects, please use due care when put into a recycable bin at home or at a recyclable facility.
3. Never throw TargetTacks into a trash or recycling bin at home or at a facility without resealable packaging to minimize injury or unsupervised adult access. 
4. CAUTION- Unpacked and improper disposal ot TargetTacks my puncture trash bags and other containers.


1. Always hold TargetTack by head, with tip pointed away from your body (See included instruction images) and in a safe direction, that would not harm other people, children, infants, pets, animals, or cause damage to property. 
2. Not Recommended for miors under 13 years of age.
3. Minors 13 years and older must have adultsupervision at all times, read and understand instructions, and shown by an adult before use. They must know how to safely and properly use, caryy, store, and dispose of TargetTacks.
4. Never purposely aim at and try to hit any TargetTacks at anytime to further minimize possible ricochets of any type of trajectories.
5. Never use TargetTacks on non-supported substrate or substrate covering or exterior types. See above for currently supported substrate or substrate covering or exterior types. 
6. Never use TargetTacks as a weapon or last line od defense.
7. Never use TargetTacks to hold or suspend and substrates, other objects or materials except cardboard and styrofoam blocks with at least a three inch TargetTack Shaft length and less than one pound of total weight.
8.Always carrry TargetTacks in reasonable pouch until you need to adhere a paper-based target to a particular substrate, substrate covering, or exterior to aviod accidental injurt.
9. When storing TargetTacks, reinsert TargetTacks in the original packaging or equivalent sealable packaging, seal package and store in a safe place where minors, children, infants, and pets will not have access.
10. When using TargetTackss with supported substrates or suspending and holding ONLY cardboard or styrofoam substrates under one pound, ensure the proper shaft length TargetTAck is used and all other safety percautions to include but not limited to federal, state, and local laws, statutes, ordinances, and posted safety signage be read, understood, and followed to ensure the substrates being used comform explicitly. Ig not known, understood, or followed then it's strongly advised NOT TO USE TargetTack for this purpose.
11. Unpacked and improper disposal of TargetTacks my puncture trash bags and other containers, that could possibly cause harm.
12. This product shall not be placed in one's mouth, nor be ingested in any way.
13. TargetTacks should never be pointed or thrown at any person or thing as such may cause injury.
14. TargetTack is not suitable for ay other use than its intended use.  


  • TargetTacks are for adhering paper-based targets to a supported substrate, substrate covering, or exterior typy ONLY and does not guarantee targets will remain in place after repeated use. People or persons using archery, firearms, and air-guns of any type when adhering targets with TargetTacks must read, understand, and follow federal, state, and local laws, statutes, town ordinances, and posted safety rules before TArgetTAcks are used to adhere targets to any supported substrate, substrate covering, or exterior types. If not known, understood, or followed, then it is strogly advised NOT TO USE TargetTacks for this purpose. 
  • Possible Ricochets or archery, firearms, and air-gun trajectories can occur if TargetTacks are stuck. Never intentionally try to hit any TargetTacks while target shooting with archery, firearms, or air-gun trajectories.
  • This product has sharp pointsand small parts in plastic packaging. Possible injury, suffocation, and chocking hazards may be possible, store in a safe and secure location and KEEP AWAY FROM MINORS, CHILDREN, INFANTS, ANIMALS, AND PETS. Read and save instructions before and after use.
  • TargetTack's product warranty covers ONLY normal wear and use; and is limited to one year from the date of purchase for this warrenty and will not be replaced or refunded. All use, safety, storage, and disposal instructions must be followed or the product warranty will be immediately voided without replacement or refunds. 
  • TargetTacks left exposed to direct weather and sunlight over a period of time may cause product instability and limit durability for reaped use. Proper storage must be maintained to ensure product warranty for up to one year for either replacement or refund, from the date of purchase. 
  • No one shall tamper with, alter, crush, or otherwise defacethe product as such may cause injury and ineffective or improper use.
  • This product may cotain Bisphynol A (BPA), a chemical known to the state of California to cause birth defects and other reproductive harm. For more information visit