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Innovative gear is more than the sum of its parts. It’s the quality of its parts and this selection of premium gun parts and firearm accessories will keep you and your gear on the go.

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  1. MSR Bolt Lever

    Unlike the existing devices on the market, the Bolt Lever becomes an integral upgraded part of the rifle a…

  2. S&W M&P 15-22 Free Float Hand Guard

    The Tacticool22 S&W M&P15-22 Free Float Handguard is a highly-engineered piece that fits tightly against t…

    $119.99 - $139.99
  3. Muzzle Brake 5/8-24 TPI

    This high-quality, stainless steel AM2 Muzzle Brake with a flat black finish fits AR-10 platform rifles an…

  4. Crush Washers

    Our crush washers for your tactical rifle are precision machined – not stamped – by highly ski…

  5. CR123A Battery

    CR123A Battery for use in 20LRX Lights

  6. 18650 Battery Charger

    Sniper Hog Lights 18650 Battery Charger.

  7. Single Mode Tail Cap

    Replacement single mode tailcap for Destroyer, 30LR, 38LRX, 50LR, 50LRX, 66LR and 66LRX lights

  8. Bow mounted tail cap with Eliminator switch

    This bow mounted tail cap fits all our 30LR, 38LRX, 50LR, 50LRX, 66LR, 66LRX and Destroyer lights.

  9. Tail cap with Remote wired Eliminator switch

    Tail cap with Remote wired Eliminator switch fits all 30LR, 38LRX, 50LR, 50LRX, 66LR, 66LRX and Discontinu…

  10. LED Module for 40KAP Headlamp

    40KAP LED Module, Fits only the 40KAP headlamp. Will not work in any other lights. Your choice of color(Re…

  11. LED X Module

    Sniper Hawg Lights LED X Module for 30LR, 38LRX, 50LR, 50LRX, 66LRX and 66LR lights.

  12. 3 Exterminator II feedlight heads

    3 Exterminator II feeder light heads in your choice of color.


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