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We’ve hand-selected everything you need to give your shotgun a thorough cleaning—and left behind everything you don’t to create the most efficient shotgun cleaning kit around.
This kit allows you to bundle and save 15%.

Product Description

There’s an unwritten rule when heading out to the field—bring only what you’re unwilling to part with. Add this shotgun cleaning kit to your must-have gear list, and be ready when carbon and powder residue require a down-and-dirty clean. And, for a limited time, Go Gear Direct will donate $10 to the National Wildlife Turkey Federation for every kit sold.
Kit includes:
  • Large Flambeau Gear Box
  • Orbizborb Rifle Pad
  • OTIS 085 CLP 2oz.
  • OTIS 3-Pack Micro Cloth
  • OTIS 2 Ended Brush Pack (Nylon, Blue Nylon & Bronze)
  • OTIS Ripcord 12 Gauge
  • OTIS 12/20 Gauge and .410 cal Bore Brushes (Nylon / Bronze)
  • OTIS Large Slotted Tip for cleaning patches
  • OTIS 3" cleaning patches (50 Pack)


  • Cleaning components that complement each other from the makers of Flambeau, Orbizorb and Otis
  • Nylon and bronze brush, CLP bottle and large slotted tip are designed specifically for the 12 ga shotgun and fit perfectly on the rifle pad or in the cam-latch, gasket sealed box with lift out tray
  • All components are 100% guaranteed
  • All components are made in the USA

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