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The 66LRX is simply the furthest shinning Led light on the market for it's size and price. You will be able to light up animals eye's at even further distances.  Pick quantity and color combinations of LED modules.

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Product Description

This package comes with:

  • 1 - 66LRX rifle light with remote wired Eliminator switch that you can turn the light on half power or full power and works both as a pressure switch and on/off switch.
  • 1 - Normal flashlight tail cap with heavy duty paracord lanyard.
  • LED modules - Pick the quantity and color combinations of LED.  Choose from Red,Green,White, and two IR frequencies to be an illumination source for your night vision. The color of the LED module determines the color of light your light will emit.
  • 1 - 18650 battery charger with both A/C and D/C power cords.
  • 2 - 18650 3400ma protected batteries made by Panasonic.
  • 1 - Lens cover to protect the lens when not in use.
  • 1 - Height adjustable Quick release mount. The top half is provided in four different heights. This allows you to get the height of the mount just right for your set-up. This mount includes 2 spacers with the appropriate screws so you can have four different heights with the same mount. 
NOTE: This mount is only recommended for the 38LRX, 50LRX and 66LRX lights. Any light with a 1 inch or 30mm tube will work with this mount, however, only the lights listed above is guaranteed.

Warranty - 5 years on the LED and Housing, 2 years on any switches, external wires or mounts. 1 year on batteries and charger.  

Light Distances

Please note that Sniper Hog Lights uses the ANSI/NEMA FL-1 system to determine the Candela and Distance of all our lights as this is becoming the Industry standard. We have yet to see any of our competitors that sell mainly hunting lights use the ANSI system.

Please note that while Sniper Hog Lights will shine the distances shown below, the distances you can actually see the entire animal is going to be less but they will light up the animals eye's past the distances below.

Humidity, rain, clarity of the air, how well your scope does in low light and other conditions will all effect how far you can see.  The yardage numbers below are in perfect controlled conditions. As a general rule of thumb, you will be able to identify at about 1/2 to 2/3 the distance a light shines depending on your equipment and field conditions. For example, if a light shines 600 yards, you should be able to identify somewhere between 300 and 400 yards. The first chart below is the current minimum distances our lights will shine in spot beam with a fully charged battery with our current LED X modules.


  • Made out of aircraft grade aluminum and hard anodized to resist scratching. Head is about 2.75 inches across with a 1 inch body.
  • Run times: Red and IR = 2.5 hours at full power with almost no dimming
  • Interchangeable LED modules so you can change the color of your light. Lumens
  • Fully interchangeable with our 38LRX and 50LRX lights so you can easily convert your 66LRX light to our 38LRX or 50LRX by buying the 38LRX or 50LRX head.

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