21700 and 18650 Battery Charger

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Sniper Hog Lights 21700 and 18650 Battery Charger.

Product Description

This battery charger will charge most 3.7V Lithium batteries including 21700, 18650, 20700, 26650 and more.

Will charge two of our fully discharged 18650 3500ma batteries in about 2.5 hours and 21700 5000ma batteries in about 3.5 hours when using the AC or DC adapters.

This is one of the fastest chargers on the market and our fastest charger.

Most competitors chargers take about 6-8 hours to charge our 18650 3500ma batteries and 8-10 hours to charge our 21700 5000ma batteries when fully discharged.

Please note that our 21700 batteries only work in our Coyote Canon Light and do not work in any other lights we sell.


  • Will charge two batteries at one time
  • Can charge batteries from a USB device, 120V AC outlet or 12V DC outlet.
  • 1 year warranty on charger and batteries

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Sniper Hog Lights
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