Ripcord Speedloader - 5 Shot (2 Pack) PLUS a Swabits Bore Stick


Two speedloaders in every pack plus a Swabits bore stick. Now you can be clean and fast.

Product Description

One tool.  One Motion.  One result.  The Ripcord Speedloader gives you a fast, reliable method to easily reload your factory revolver and the Swabits Bore Stick gives you a fast method to clean your bore.

To Load your Speedloader

  • Open speedloader
  • Load proper sized bullets into each clip
  • Clasp speed loader together

To Load your Revolver

  • With barrel facing in a safe direction, insert speedloader into the cylinder
  • Pull speed loader aggressively (make sure your grip consists of your palm facing downward)
  • Stop cylinder from spinning
  • Close cylinder
**Break in period - four to ten reloads**

Compatible with:

  • Charter Arms
  • Rossi: 68
  • Ruger: SP101, LCR
  • S&W: 36,37,38,40,42,49,60,340,360
  • Taurus: 85,605,651,851

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