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Product Description

The Firebiner makes it easy.  Outdoor Element has packed a lot into a small package (5.75”x3x0.25”)

  • EVER SPARK™ FIRE WHEEL Consistent sparks in all weather conditions; replaceable ferro rod.
  • WIRE GATE Stainless Steel resists corrosion, strong spring 
  • UTILITY BLADE Inset for safety; cut cord, fishing line, etc.
  • HANG SLOTS Attach to keys, vial to hold tinder, etc. 

We have combined it with an accessory kit

  • VIAL Made from aluminum with a rubber gasket to keep water out and/or liquid fuel in. Store a TinderQuik and some extra ferro rods inside.
  • SCREWDRIVER/REFLECTOR TOOL Custom made tool, the perfect size for the set screw on the Firebiner to adjust the ferro rod tension. Doubles as an emergency Reflector.
  • TINDERQUIK 3 awesome fire-starters made in the USA. Lights easily and burns long. Waterproof wax-coated cotton.
  • EASY CLIP CRAB CLAW Designed to easily attach to your Firebiner. Includes split rings to keep everything together.


  • Firebiner incorporates a fire wheel, stainless steel safety blade to easily cut paracord, fishing line, string. Strong stainless steel construction with an extremely durable titanium coating and 100lbs capacity
  • The waterproof Firebiner Accessory Kit contains a reflector, 3 TinderQuick Firestarters, crab-claw clip. split rings and ferro rod
  • Includes - Firebiner | Accessory Kit | Flambeau Medium Box
  • Made in the USA

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