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These ad-ons will help you with wind direction, a field clean, a light to see, a steady rest,  All in a Flambeau gear box with FREE Shipping.

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These partners have put together a couple of innovative items that are not required but they will sure make your hunt more pleasant. We pack it in a Flambeau medium gear box for easy transport.

  • Hornet Outdoors Firefly so you know exactly which way the wind is moving and you can adjust your plans so your target doesn't smell you and spook
  • An Otis 30" cable, 2 oz CLP, a small slotted tip, a large slotted tip, T-Hande bar
  • A Princeton Tec Headlamp for seeing on the way in and working your way home
  • A Sureshot steady rest that will give you confidence when you have that buck in your sights
  • An Orca Mossy Oak 27oz Cup


  • The Firefly is designed to determine wind direction even when there is no perceptible wind at all!
  • The Princeton Tec headlamp that makes darkness and dusk manageable
  • The sureshot rest creates a steady platform
  • All made in the USA

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