Amp Kayak Mount with Light

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The Amp Kayak Mount with Light from Princeton Tec is available as a kit complete with flashlight, cone and hardware. Alternatively for those who already own an Amp 1 flashlight, the mount and hardware are also available separately.

Product Description

Princeton Tec developed this Amp Kayak Mount with Light to increase the utility of the already versatile Amp 1L handheld flashlight. This kit includes an Amp 1L to snap into your kayak mount to transform it into a marker light, a spotlight, or an adjustable area light that frees up your hands to tie knots and perform other tasks.


  • IPX8 water resistant
  • 72 hours of burn time
  • 2 AAA Alkaline batteries provide a long-lasting and easy-to-replace power source
  • Made in USA

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Princeton Tec
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