Drawer Divider System - 21"

The Gerstner's Drawer Divider System was created as an organizational system for old and new chests, with all different size drawers. Enjoy the neatness!

Product Description

The Gerstner's Drawer Divider System is one of those things you look at and say, "Why didn't I think of that?" Simple to use and allows for customization to fit your specific preference. The kit comes with grooved strips and smooth strips. To get started cut the grooved strip to fit the drawer front to back. Next, cut the smooth pieces to separate things left to right as you see fit.

  • 4 - Grooved 1/2" Strips
  • 4 - Smooth 1/2" Strips
  • 3 - Grooved 1" Strips
  • 3 - Smooth 1" Strips
  • 2 - Grooved 1-1/2" Strips
  • 2 - Smooth 1-1/2" Strips
  • 1 - Piece of Sandpaper
  • Installation Instructions


  • Made of Maple
  • Made in the USA

H. Gerstner & Sons
8 oz
Drawer Dimensions #07
Not applicable

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