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21 Items

  1. GI-T22 Oak 11-Drawer Chest

    The Gerstner International T22 - Oak 11-Drawer Tool Chest is an imported, classic American style chest, co…

  2. Personalized Brass Nameplate

    Make it specail with a Gerstner's Personalized Brass Nameplate.

  3. GI-R20 Oak 5-Drawer Roller Cabinet

    Vertically expand your garage with the GI-R20 Oak 5-Drawer Roller Cabinet.

  4. B2705 - Pro-Series Base | Selectable

    Rustic Hickory and American Cherry are available now.  The other options, Natural and Dark Walnut and…

    $1,156.00 - $1,445.00
  5. GI-M20 Oak 2-Drawer Mid-Base

    The GI-M20 Oak 2-Drawer Mid-Base extends storage capacity for your special collections or favorite tools, …

  6. GI-T20-M20-R20 3-Piece Set

    Bring out the Gerstner International three-piece GI-T20 / M20 / R20 set.

  7. 2613 Pro-Series Chest | Selectable

    These chest will be available for shipping in February.  Call for availability 860-261-7004.  Ge…

    $1,895.00 - $2,395.00
  8. GI-T20-M20 Chest and Mid-Base Combo

    Gerstner International chests and mid-bases are designed to stack nicely, for a versatile storage system. …

  9. GI-T16 Oak 6-Drawer Chest

    Available to ship late January.  New from Gerstner International - the T-16 Mighty P…

  10. GI-R24 Oak 5-Drawer Roller Cabinet

    The GI-R24 Oak 5-Drawer Roller Cabinet is a classic American style roller cabinet.

  11. 1900 Utility Shooters Companion Selectable

    Gerstner's 1900 Utility Shooters Chest can handle the full range of all your sporting and tactical firearm…

  12. GI-T24-M24-R24 3-Piece Set

    This item will be available to ship the end of January. The Gerstner International three-piece GI-T24 / M2…


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