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6 Items

  1. We The People | Selectable

    Always forward, never retreat.The Unique-ARs Charging We The People free-float forend is available in a 12…

    $275.83 - $339.49
  2. Freedom | Selectable

    The Unique AR Freedom MSR15 free-float handguard comes in two lengths and enough CeraKote colors to make y…

    $275.83 - $339.49
  3. Ultra-Light Hex | Selectable

    Unique AR has made ultra-light look great while also being strong. The free float handguard comes in …

    $196.27 - $339.49
  4. One Shot | Selectable

    Forget double-tap, the free-float One Shot handgaurd from Unique ARS is all you need in an AR15 HandguardT…

    $196.27 - $339.49
  5. Lotus Dragon | Selectable

    Just like the flower, the Unique ARs Lotus Dragon hand guard is pure beauty. The free float handguard…

    $196.27 - $339.49
  6. Picatinny Rail Segment - Anodized Black Aluminum

    Unique AR keeps it sleek with a form fitting Picatinny Rail offered in 6 lengths from 2.2" to 14.5". …

    $16.97 - $57.29

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