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  1. 1911 45 cal ACP Stainless 6 Slide Bald

    Remsport 1911 45 cal ACP Stainless 6" Slide Bald. A USA precision machined slide from forged and heat trea…

  2. 1911 Government Slide - Selectable Caliber Serrations Sights and Length

    Remsport, 1911 Government Slides - select caliber, sight style, material, serration configuration, and len…

    As low as $200
  3. 1911 Commander Slide - Selectable Caliber-Sights-Serrations

    Remsport, 1911 Commander Slides with Novak Sight Cuts.  Select caliber, serration options, and materi…

    As low as $225
  4. Glock 17 Gen3 Tapered Nose Slide

    Carrying a Glock 17 Gen 3? Here's our pick for a USA precision machined slide from forged and heat treated…


Gear Type: Slides

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