1 oz Lures with 5 inch Easy Hub Skirts - Selectable

Pair our 1oz Silver Popping Head, or Acrylic Bullet Head Lures with any of (30) color combinations of the GLC patented 5 inch Easy Hub Skirt.

Product Description

GLC patented 5 inch Easy Hub Skirts are silicone skirts with mylar flashing that we combine with lure heads: Silver Bullet Head, Silver Popping Head, and Acrylic Bullet Head. The Easy Hub Skirt is durable and easily changed, and comes in a plethora of color options for all your fishing needs.


  • Easy Hub Skirts are durable and easy to change so that you can configure your rigging to your conditions.
  • Pick from (2) Lure Heads.,feature
  • Pick from a multitude of skirt colors combinations.

1.44 oz
Dimmer Tail Cap
without Dimmer Tail Cap

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