XP Series Reactor

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XP Reactor provides excellent ear protection while still allowing you to talk with your buddy at the range.

Product Description

XP Reactor Keychain kit keeps it all together. The Dynamic Mesh Filtering System™ will automatically screen 33 dB of noise reduction against loud impulse sounds while still maintaining normal hearing. You’ll also have 16 dB NRR hearing protection against general loud sounds. These small and portable ear buds protect your ears at a great price!  

XP Reactor Key Chain Kit Includes:
  • 1 pair XP Reactor filters
  • 1 pair mdium reusable tips
  • 1 pair large reusable tips
  • 1 key chain case


  • Hear normal sounds
  • Protective tips are made with Medical, Non-Allergenic, Ultra Soft EVA material
  • Filter casing is made with ABS, Medical Grade, Non-Allergenic Material
  • Washable & Reusable

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