UTG Instant Target Aiming BullDot Compact Green Laser

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UTG Instant Target Aiming BullDot Compact Green Laser provides a large, 8" diameter, green dot at 50 yards.  It assists in rapid target acquisition in high stress situations.

Product Description

This bulldot is made from high quality grade aluminum construction and hard coat finished.  This Class 3R laser has 2.0-4.5 mW power with a 630-640nm wavelength.  It utilizes a CR2 Lithium X1 battery with a battery life of 390 minutes. This laser is full of unique features:

  • Laser with a green color laser beam, which has the advantage of extra brightness and farther operating distance
  • Fully compliant with all international and US FDA laser safety requirements
  • True strength scope platform using smart spherical structure(SSS) to achieve simplified and strengthened inner/outer tube interaction for most precise and responsive W/E adjustment and toughest recoil resistance
  • Can be mounted on pistol for pistol applications
  • Includes a mounting mechanism for easy mounting to a Picatinny/Weaver rail
  • Expanded laser dot for quick aiming and Target Acquisition
WARNING: Avoid direct eye exposure.

WARNING: Follow battery safety procedures when you use your light or laser. Discard expired, damaged or corroded batteries immediately. Leaving operating lights in gun cases or any areas with minimal heat dissipation will cause overheating and battery explosion. Always make sure your light is off and will not be accidentally turned on during storage or transportation. For products equipped with pressure switch, improper placement of the pressure switch on your gun may activate your light or laser when stored in gun cases or other areas. Always make sure pressure switch is fastened to your firearm in a way where it will not be accidentally pressed to activate your light, causing overheating and safety concerns.


  • A push button switch with a pressure switch included
  • Laser range is 300 yards
  • Laser life is 5000 hours
  • Compact size of 3.4" long by 1.2" high

1 lb
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