Universal Car Mount Adapter

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We are taking orders; shipments will be late September. Secure your handgun with your Reach Holster with this Universal Mounting system.

Product Description

The Car Mount Adapter is an additional way to mount Reach to more than the center console of the car. The Car Mount Adapter comes with three (3) different mounting brackets that allow you to use Reach as a vehicle gun safe:

  • Bolt-in plate: Allows you to mount Reach using the existing bolts of the vehicle seat. Simply loosen the bolts under the vehicle seat, install the plate, and tighten down.
  • Drill-in plate: Allows you to directly drill the plate into the floor of your car and mount your Reach unit.
  • Right angle adapter: Some vehicles have seat bolts that come out sideways, this adapter is meant for that.

Requires you to purchase a holster specific to your firearm.

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