Trigger Safe Remington | Blaze Orange

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A holster for your Remington Shotgun.  Avoid accidental and negligent discharges on loaded MSR platforms.

Product Description

TriggerSafe™ is a unique, patent pending device designed to safely and completely cover the trigger of your Remington Shotgun. TriggerSafe™ is designed to help avoid negligent discharges during time when we do not have positive control of a LOADED rifle that can occur during training, hunting, range time, dry fire, transportation or storage.TriggerSafe is not designed for an operational environment. TriggerSafe™ does fill a void for long gun safety.


  • Completely covers the trigger
  • Blaze Orange so it is easy to see that the trigger is covered
  • Made in the USA

Trigger Safe
Allow Giftwrapper
2 oz
Firearm Model
Remington M870
Blaze Orange
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