Swab-its® 9mm Bore-Sticks


Swab-its® Bore-Sticks™ is the newest, most effective way to clean your handgun. With its 8 1/2" handle you wont be missing any spots!

Product Description

We cannot deny that the common Q-Tip is a way to clean your handgun. We get it. The Swab-its® Bore-Sticks™ is superior to the common Q in that it is re-usable, lint-free and Made in the USA. It's time to test one out!


  • Lightweight and portable
  • 360 degree - tight bore fit
  • Use on your .357 cal | .38cal | 9mm handguns
  • USA Made

Made To:

.357 cal / .380 cal / .38 cal / 9mm
Allow Giftwrapper
2 oz
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