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When seconds count, these are the Shockwave accessories you can count on. Inside the Flambeau medium gear box, you’ll find a custom Shockwave Orbizorb cleaning pad and everything your Shockwave needs to take the advantage in personal defense situations.
Compact design keeps your laser and light on top of your Shockwave to ensure any room for error happens vertically instead of horizontally. In a home invasion scenario, you’d rather miss a little high or low than left or right.
When you’re looking for the advantage in an instant, there’s no time to be searching around for a tiny green dot. This compact green laser delivers an 8-inch diameter beam at 50 yards, and is made from high quality grade aluminum construction and is hard-coat finished. This Class 3R laser has 2.0-4.5 mW power with a 630-640mm wavelength. It utilizes a CR2 Lithium X1 battery with battery life of 390 minutes.
This compact flashlight sports best in class 3V CREE LED Technology, The genuinely enhanced 400 Lumen Output casts just the right amount of identifiable light without temporarily blinding the operator.  We combined it with the UTG Single Rail/3-Slot  Angle Mount w/QD Lever Mount UTG Low-Pro Picatinny-mount Angled QD Sling Swivel Adaptor for mounting.
UTG Deluxe Universal Rifle Sling with standard Push Button QD Sling Swivel, 1" Loop and Low-Pro Picatinny-mount Angled QD Sling Swivel Adaptor.
Unfortunately it’s often not until you need something that you realize how much you need it, and with this system, you’ll never be caught off guard when you need to open a door, make a 911 call or pick up your child, without having to put your weapon down.
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Note:  Shockwave not included.


  • A green laser bulldot and 400 lumin ambi flashlight are mounted for ease of use freeing your hands
  • The deluxe rifle sling is 1 1/2 inches wide with a non-slip grip
  • A rugged, weather proof Flambeau gear box and a custom Shockwave length orbizorb cleaning pad
  • Includes everything required to mount on your Shockwave

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