SW MP15-22 - Gas Block

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This fake, non-functioning “gas block” is a must-have if you want to convert your Smith & Wesson M&P15-22 rifle to a 2-piece handguard.

Product Description

This S&W M&P15-22 gas block for 2-piece handguards keeps the handguard cap in place and prevents the handguard from moving. The included screw goes into what would be the gas tube hole in the block to keep it from spinning.

This gas block is machined from billet to the closest tolerances for a perfect fit. It is bead blasted, then hard anodized black for a non-reflective finish and years of use.

Note: Tacticool22 S&W M&P15-22 Free Float Handguard Converter not included. This is a must have for the AR-15 barrel nut to screw onto.

Note: Not available for international sales.


  • Fake, non-functioning gas block is made only to keep the S&W M&P15-22 hand guard in place.
  • Single screw that takes the place of the AR gas tube to keep the hand guard end cap from turning.

8 oz
Firearm Brand
Smith & Wesson
Firearm Model
M&P 15-22
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