SW MP 15-22 Tailhook Extractor

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The Tailhook S&W M&P15-22 Extractor from Tacticool22 is a superior replacement part for your Smith & Wesson M&P15-22 rifle.

Product Description

The profile of the Tailhook Smith & Wesson  M&P15-22 Extractor has been enhanced from the stock extractor to provide a strong, aggressive hook, which holds onto the rim of the cartridge for extremely positive extraction.

Extra clearance has been added to prevent the build-up common in some .22LR ammo, which reduces overall effectiveness.

The tip of the “hook” pushes against the cartridge and down on the rim to hold it in place during ejection. The leading edge has been manufactured to not hit the extractor cut-out in the breech, and does not move away from the rim, unlike factory extractors or those from other manufacturers.

The S&W M&P15-22 Extractor is machined from the finest non-rusting knife steel available, using a wire electrical discharge machining (EDM) process. Next, the extractor is heat-treated to maximize the properties of the metal and ensure that the critical edge does not dull.

It also has an exclusive plunger pivot action, which reduces the force needed to slip over a round when it’s placed in the chamber by hand.

Note: Not available for international sales.


  • Designed, developed and manufactured in the United States
  • The factory spring and plunger can be used if you don't want to upgrade yet

2 oz
Firearm Brand
Smith & Wesson
Firearm Model
M&P 15-22
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