Reach Charging Mount

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A Reach package is furnished with (1) Charging Mount already.  Purchase additional Charging Mounts so that you can secure your handgun in multiple locations.

Product Description

The Charging Mount allows Reach to be mounted anywhere - next to the bed, inside the closet, under a desk, in a vehicle, etc. Mounting screws lock the Reach to a sturdy surface and prevent it from being stolen. The Charging Mount plugs into a power outlet, USB, or 5V socket adapter and ensures that Reach charges. Mounting screws and a 5ft Power Cable included.


  • Additional Charging Mount for securing your Reach in multiple location
  • Mounting screws and a 5ft Power Cable included
  • High strength metal alloy locking system
  • Mount permits attachment to sturdy locations and plugs into wall outlet

2 lbs
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