Gear up for what’s downrange. Zero in where the work goes in.

Make every practice shot count with one-of-a-kind target shooting gear that’ll make sure you’re range-ready.

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  1. GGD Secure | Accurate | Holster Combo

    Your M&P Shield is ready | Redeye Tactical Holster, Identilock Biometric Trigger Lock and a Remsport 9mm T…

  2. MSR Bolt Lever

    Unlike the existing devices on the market, the Bolt Lever becomes an integral upgraded part of the rifle a…

  3. Guardian Tree 3" A 36

    Taz Fabrication Guardian Shooting Tree

  4. Guardian Tree 6" A 36

    Taz Fabrication Guardian Shooting Tree

  5. Guardian Swing 3" A 36

    Taz Fabrication Guardian Swinging Gong

  6. Guardian Swing 6inch A 36

    Taz Fabrication Guardian Swinging Gong

  7. A quarter inch drive, 65 In lb. Torque Wrench with half Socket

    This tool allows the shooter to precisely tighten the hex nut to the proper torque setting of 65 in lb whi…

  8. Mons Peak IX Trekking Pole Performance Basket | 37mm | 4 pack

    These 1.5 in / 37 mm replacement baskets for trekking poles fit threaded tips.

  9. Mons Peak IX Tiger Paw Carbon Trekking Poles

    These trekking poles will carry you through all 4 seasons with their rugged, carbon design weighing in at …

  10. Mons Peak IX Trekking Pole Snow Baskets Pair

    Replacement baskets for trekking poles, fits threaded tips. Ideal for use in snow, powder and sand.

  11. Replacement Poles | 3 Person Set-Up

    Custom cut color coded DAC Pressfit 9.5mm 3P extensions (green) issued with new Trail 43 and Ni…

  12. Mons Peak IX Guy Lines Set

    These reflective guy lines are standard issue with Mons Peak IX tents. Buy an extra set to use in the seco…


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