Polaris General Spare Tire Mount

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Polaris General Spare Tire Mount by Razorback Offroad™ is adjustable up and down so it will also fit all height of tires 28” and shorter. These adjustable features will accommodate all popular sizes of spares and allow the tire to rest on the bed of the Polaris General® making it easy to remove your spare.

Product Description

No additional cost for shipping. Orders are shipping in 8 to 10 weeks. Polaris General Spare Tire Mount by Razorback Offroad™ was designed to fit Exclusively on the RBO Polaris General® GP Gen 2 Rack™ (RBO5265) and the RBO Polaris General® Expedition Rack. It can be installed quickly with included hardware without modifying your RBO Polaris 1000 General® GP and Expedition Storage Racks™. This Polaris General 1000® Spare Tire Mount features our “It Fits™” adjustable tire mount so you can adjust the mount to fit all widths of tires.


  • Easy to install onto RBO Polaris General “GP” Cargo Rack and RBO Polaris General Expedition Cargo Rack
  • Includes 10mm and 12mm spare tire mounting studs, Lug Nuts and Mounting Hardware
  • Fully Adjustable Design allows mounting of varying Tire and Wheel Sizes up to 28” Tall
  • Made in USA

Razorback Offroad
12 lbs
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