ORCA Chaser Café


The ORCA Chaser Café is built for rocky road returning from the campsite or cuddled up on the favorite family sofa. 

Product Description

The ORCA Chaser Café is rumored to have lava between it's double walls. It's the only logical explanation of exactly how, when you add a hot cup of coffee, it's still hot hours later. We have no written proof of this but it the best we could come up with. Test for yourself but don't say we didn't we warn you if you burn your tongue.


  • Double-walled, vacuum sealed
  • Interior copper clad for superior temperature retention
  • 20 Ounces / 591 ml

Made To:

Perfect For:

Allow Giftwrapper
Firebiner National Park
RockyMtn Blue River
Stainless Steel
12 oz
20 oz
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