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Full Auto Bolt Carrier Group - Polished

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M16/AR-15 Full Auto Bolt Carrier Group - POLISHED All WMD BCG components are manufactured by Defense Industrial Base suppliers to WMD's exacting specifications to provide the best BCG available. Specifically engineered for nickel boron coating to provide long life, high reliability and easy cleaning and maintenance. The BCG components are coated and polished to reduce fouling adherence. Coating is guaranteed for life against chipping, spalling or flaking. Over 30K rounds in Government protocol endurance testing did not wear the coating off. Especially beneficial in short barrel setups and suppressed platforms.

Note: Not available for international sales.


  • Black coated (40 percent more wear-resistant than chrome). Components coated are Carrier, mil-spec gas rings, extractor buffer and heavy duty springs, gas key, grade 8 hardened fasteners and cam pin.
  • Carrier ' AR-15 or M16 style (heavy weight), 8620 material, heat treated and case hardened. Manufacturing tolerances on inside diameters tightly controlled to accommodate the Black coating
  • Gas key and fasteners staked per military specification.
  • Made in the USA

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