MSR Full Auto Bolt Carrier Group | Selectable


Proven through 30,000 rounds of Government protocol endurance testing and guaranteed for life against chipping, spalling or flaking, these BCGs are NiB-X® coated in your choice 11 colors, delivering 40% more wear-resistant protection than chrome.

Product Description

These colors don’t run, but with the quick and easy-to-clean NiB-X® nickel boron coating, powder residue and fouling sure do. Every component of this Full Auto Bolt Carrier Group is deemed operator-grade by industry heavy-weight WMD, and coated with NiB-X® technology that provides a permanently lubricious surface for minimal lube requirements, while reducing cleaning efforts to the simple wipe of a cloth.

Note: Not available for international sales.


  • All components heat-treated, hardened, and specifically engineered for nickel boron coating to provide long life, high reliability and easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Heavier M16 style carrier functions in AR15 and M4/M16 platforms
  • Delivers a finish superior to even the exterior finishes of other firearms
  • Bolt – Carpenter 158 heat-treated, mag particle inspected, engineered from government spec for NiB-X® with Milspec gas rings; Gas Key – hardened to USGI specs and attached using grade 8 hardened fasteners and Permatex No. 3D Avia

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WMD Guns®
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Modern Sporting Rifle
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