Trail 123 Cook Set with Stove

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High Efficiency Ultra-Light Cook Set with High Performance and Breeze Resistant Stove

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Mons Peak has done it again. The have thought about the trail - backpacking, hunting, camping. What do we really want when we are out? We want something that works, works well and doesn't weigh a bunch. That is what you get with this High Effeciency, Ultra-Light Cook Set with High Performance and Breeze Resistant Stove. Ultra-compact modular, stackable system allows for minimalist, solo 1P, 2P or 3P use depending on configuration. Fuel cannister and stove packs neatly inside the system for ease of carry.

Super fast boils times with high effeciency pots - 1 liter at 2 min 40 sec

Note: Fuel Canister not included.


  • 2 High Effeciency pots, 25.4 fl. oz and 43.9 fl. oz with lids
  • High Power and Breeze Resistant cook stove with 10,200 BTU/3,000 W Max output
  • Stove utilizes a standard cannister Isobutane-Propane mix
  • Fuel canister and stove pack neatly into the cookset for easy transport

Perfect For:

Mons Peak IX
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