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This bundle packs a punch all in a Flambeau medium gear box.

  • Modern Spartan Starter Kit Plus -
    • 2oz Accuracy Oil (firearm lubricant & protectant)Protect & Preserve
    • 2oz Carbon Destroyer (carbon cleaner)
    • 2oz Copper/Lead Destroyer (copper & lead cleaner)
    • 2oz Crystal Clear (high definition lens cleaner & protectant)
    • .25 oz Spartan Accuracy Grease
  • Orbizorn Pistol Pad - From the field to the table the Pistol Pad protects all your surfaces while cleaning your pistol or game. It's non-slip backing and super absorbent fibers will keep things clean for a long time. 
  • Otis - 2 Ended brushes in three brisltes - Double ends allow for large surface scrubbing on one end and precision cleaning with the smaller end. Includes brushes with different bristle material for varying levels of aggressiveness when cleaning: white nylon,to blue nylon to bronze. 
  • Otis - Microfiber Gun Cloth is a safe alternative to any of your old gun rags. This 3 pack of non-abrasive cloths will keep you safely wiping your firearms down for many hunting seasons to come.


  • Easy way to try the Modern Spartan starter kit - contains everything you need to clean and lubricate with the added benefit of the accuracy grease
  • The 2 ended brush is one of those simple perfect tools and this kit has it in three material - white nylon, a stiffer blue nylon and bronze
  • Orbizorb pistol pad will protect what is yours while absorbing to avoid mess
  • The rugged and weather-proof Flambeau gear box keeps it all organized.

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