HI VIZ LiteWave REAR Sight for Glock 9mm, .40 SW and .357 Sig.

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The HI VIZ LiteWave® Rear Sight is the must have upgrade for an unsurpassed shooting experience.

Product Description

The HI VIZ LiteWave® Sights have taken innovation and technology to the highest resolution, right out of the box! Their LitePipes™ are the brighest in the business and are here to help you zero in with a variety of colors and sizes. Whether your grouping is all over as a beginner or your making one small hole in the paper, HI VIZ is the product to partner with. The HI VIZ product line will result in the most important trait you can carry as a shooter... confidence.


  • Includes green, red and black Litepipes
  • LitePipe diameter 0.078 | Blade notch 0.140 wide
  • Factory height rear sight 6.5mm
  • Made in the USA with all steel construction and does not fit does not fit Models 42 & 43

Made To:

2 oz
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