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A Flambeau gear box | You choose a Princeton Tec Headlamp and a weatherproof Rite in the Rain pad.  We will box it up and ship it out just in time.



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    A perfect light for hands free activity. You also choose a Rite in the Rain pad to put in the medium gear box. We can't say enough about the convenient carrying handles, deep open interiors with snap-fit latches, multiple pad-lock holes and a durable gasket seal in the lids.  This is a perfect gift that you have customized for your person.

    It's gear we all know we need but wait until we need it to NOT have it! This bundle is for the person that  likes to get outside at all hours and keep track of what they see and hear. Birds, tides or people they meet along the way. Grab a super easy to operate headlamp, the journal of your choice and pack them away in a water tight gear box that has room to spare for pens and sunglass cases.

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    Hard working. Bright light.

    You choose the color you know he will love.

    Fred Headlamp | Black
    + $29.99
    Fred Headlamp | Black
    + $29.99
    Fred Headlamp | Tan
    + $29.99
    Fred Headlamp | Olive Drab
    + $29.99
    Weatherproof paper.

    Paper that won't wilt in a little weather.

    4x6 - Green | Pocket Top Spiral
    + $4.95
    3x5 - Blaze Orange | Pocket Top Spiral
    + $3.95
    Birder's Journal
    + $8.75
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