Hostage Target, 2/3 Size Torso

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The Hostage Target features a 2/3 size IDPA torso with a 4.5" diameter "bad guy" head over the shoulder of the "hostage". When hit the "bad guy" flips from one side to the other, always ready for the next shot. The torso and head target are both made from 3/8" AR500 steel. A sturdy base is included with a post and base that simply slide together without tools for ease of setup and transport.


  • The auto resetting steel target base is 23" deep and includes two 17" long adjustable legs for side stability
  • Legs can be adjusted as needed for ground conditions and remove easily for transport
  • The AR500 mounted targets protect the Auto Reset Base and/or mounting head from bullet strikes
  • Made in the USA

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52 lbs
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