Hearing Protection | Ghost Stryke Essential

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With a 12-hour run and a rechargeable battery that is ready to go after 1.5 hours. Protect hearing with the Advanced AutoBlocker that shuts off all sounds over 85 dB.

Product Description

Go Gear Direct is proud to introduce the Ghost Stryke Essential -- the ultimate in hearing enhancement.

The Axil Ghost Stryke Essential is a compact and advanced hearing protection solution engineered to offer unparalleled performance in various environments. Hunt whether in the wilderness or work in noisy industrial settings, this device ensures to hear safeguard without compromising the ability to hear important sounds around.

Now hearing can be increased at 8X's, while providing full surround sound to help hear clearly in all environments. Most importantly, the Advanced AutoBlocker will protect hearing from all sounds over the 85 dB threshold.


  • Up to 8x Normal Hearing
  • Advanced AutoBlocker with Sound Shut Off at 85dB
  • 12 Hours Run Time
  • Sweat Resistant for All Your Activities

8 oz
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