GUN PRO Delta 1 Sights-NOVAK 1911

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The GUN PRO Delta 1 Sights are made with the 1911 Novak sights cuts and designed to allow quick, easy and accurate shot placement whether a target is still or moving!

Product Description

The GUN PRO Delta 1 Sights have simplified pistol sights with their unique single point sight alignment. So simple it requires little to no visual or mental estimation. Experienced shooters know that an open sight picture and panoramic view is a must have not only for IPSC, IDPA events but hunting and protecting one's life.


  • Made in the USA
  • Single Point Alignment For Quicker Target Acquisition
  • Open Sight Picture
  • Daylight, Low Light and Dark Visibility With Photo-Luminescent Acrylic Rear Sight

Made To:

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2 oz
Firearm Model
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