GUARDIAN Hostage Triangle 3/8"

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The Taz Fabrication Hostage Triangle comes in two thicknesses to handle the lightest to the heaviest of loads!

Product Description

TheTaz Fabrication Guardian Hostage Triangle makes placing your shot more dynamic. The Triangle comes with 3" and 6" paddles that can be easily changed. This hostage triangle is one piece of an overall system that gets you up an shooting fast. Combine it with the Guardian X-pod and you are all set.

Easy Set-up

Compatible for any terrian. The light and compact design can be set-up in minutes. The stand folds up and will easily fit in a back-pack.

Pistol Calibers

Caliber 3/8" 1/2"
22 x x
25 x x
32 x x
380 x x
9mm x x
357 x x
40 x x
44 x x
45 x x
454 x x
50 x x

Rifle Calibers

Caliber 3/8" 1/2"
22 x x
17hmr x x
22-250 x x
223 x x
7.62x39 x x
243 x x
30-06 x x
7mm x
300wm x
338lab x
50bmg x


Caliber 3/8" 1/2"
22 x x
410 Slug-Buck x x
20g Slug-Buck x x
16g Slug-Buck x x
12g Slug0Buck x x


  • Made of AR-500 Steel
  • Comes with 3" and 6" paddles
  • Offers an 18" x 18" kill zone
  • Made in the USA

TAZ Fabrication
38 lbs
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