Firefly Electronic Wind Detector Mossy Oak

The Firefly Electronic Wind Detector Mossy Oak has patented technology analyzes 512 readings per second to give you the most accurate results of any wind detection device on the market.

Product Description

When you're stalking a trophy animal, you want to know you're downwind. The patented Firefly Electronic Wind Detector provides unmatched wind detection down to an imperceptible one inch per second! LEDs give a simple visual indicator of wind direction, even in the dark, and an integrated compass lets you easily determine wind heading. Weather resistant housing with waterproof screw-on cover included. Ergonomic power button is easy to use, even with gloves. Painstaking flow analysis ensures the sensor housing won't skew the results regardless of wind velocity.


  • Auto shutoff after eight seconds
  • 3 ounces including batteries
  • Operating temperature -35B0F to 110B0F
  • Made in USA

Hornet Outdoors
4 oz
Dimmer Tail Cap
without Dimmer Tail Cap

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