Popping off rounds downrange may feel like practice. But unless there’s a purpose you’re focused on, and a plan to get there, you’re really not getting what you need out of your time on the range. What are you making from your makes? What is it you're missing on your misses? Go Gear Direct has gathered some drills using your revolver to help you master the firearm you count on and the skills you one day may need to call on.

Dead aim. Without live ammo.

Sometimes you can learn more from dry firing than you can when distracted by your gun going “bang.” This is especially true when practicing with a revolver, where there’s no need to rack a slide or reset a hammer after each trigger pull. The video in the next section on how to get the most out of your dry fires, building confidence and enhancing accuracy.

Zero in like a laser beam.

Your laser sight is more than an aiming aid, it also makes for a great training aid as well—if you know how. Watch this video to get the most out of each laser beam at the range.

Check out the video below for some dry firing drills (at the 3:19 mark) as well as some laser sight drills (at the 7:51 mark).

1 shot isn’t always enough.

Your revolver is the firearm of choice when it comes to handling 1-on-1 encounters, the most common type of violent crime situation encountered by law abiding citizens. But it’s also important to be adept with a revolver when there are multiple assailants. Watch this video to improve your skills while facing multiple targets.

Revolver reloading: back in the fight.

With all the advantages of power and reliability your revolver presents, its one drawback is that you only get 5 or 6 shots. This makes reloading a vital skill for all revolver shooters, and there are many things you can do to improve your efficiency while opening and closing the cylinder. Chris Baker from Lucky Gunner walks through 4 methods to reload your revolvers.

Once you decide which method fits your need, it takes some practice. The folks at CK Tactical understand what that means. Try your technique out with a CK Tactical speedloader.

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Make ready when you need it.

How do you carry your firearm? Do you carry it in a bag? If in a holster, what kind of holster? The method of carry is an important question that you must decide and then train and practice performing. Hickok45 did a great job showing options of Inside the Waist Band (IWB) Hybrid holsters in the video below. 

Once you decide the holster or bag, there is a drill for you. Chris from Lucky Gunner  breaks down the four step draw stroke that can be used with many holster options.

Make your mark. On steel.

Now that you know how to better spend your time practicing, how do you find the time to? Go Gear Direct has found a way to bring the range to you, so you can improve shooting proficiency any time and in any terrain. Introducing superior, mobile targeting systems from Taz Fabrication. You can now gear up with these lightweight, compact and fully adjustable robust targets at Go Gear Direct, the exclusive marketplace of all Taz products. Click here to shop Taz Fabrication targets, and zero in on better performance without a trip to the range.