Do you need to break-in your barrel? What if your gun is an old hand me down, can you do anything to improve performance? Our friends at Modern Spartan will tell you, ABSOLUTELY. Through a lot of testing, they developed a step by step one-time conditioning protocol to optimize your firearm. After conditioning, you will gain maximum benefits through regular use of the Modern Spartan products. Those benefits include:

  • Smooth action and functionality
  • Improved firearm accuracy
  • Less friction related malfunctions - tested in temperature and environmental extremes
  • No splash-back, no mess and minimal smoke
  • Easier cleaning – which means more FREE TIME
  • Long lasting – a little product goes a long way
  • Safer to work with – our chemistry is environmentally friendly

Step 1 - Remove carbon fouling with Spartan Carbon Destroyer™

Liberally apply to all parts of the firearm system that have carbon build up. Let stand, but not dry, for several minutes. Agitate as necessary. Remove fouling using standard brushes, patches or cloths. Otis makes a two ended brush where one end is extra small for those tight spots.  The brushes come in three different materials, white nylon (softer version), blue nylon and bronze. In addition, their cable system with caliber specific bronze and nylon brushes provide the muscle to remove the fouling.
Otis Tech

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Step 2 - Remove copper and/or lead fouling with Spartan Copper/ Lead Destroyer™

Liberally apply into the barrel and to all contaminated parts of the firearm. Let stand for at 3-5 minutes. Agitate as necessary. In addition to the Otis tools, Swabits has developed a line of re-useable swabs in many shapes and sizes that aid in the removal of fouling. Their star chamber swab is shown in the picture below. Reapply as needed. (Note – lead is a softer metal than copper. If the copper is removed, the lead will be gone too).
Swabits Star Cleaner

Step 3 - Condition with Spartan Accuracy Oil™

Use Spartan Accuracy Oil™ to achieve maximum friction reduction, protect the metals from oxidation/corrosion and minimize the build-up of future contaminants. The barrel should be a place of particular focus. Apply the product by running a lightly coated bore patch, cotton swabs or a clean cloth on all metal parts (slide, bolt, trigger system, bore, all internal parts..., even exterior metal). You do not need much product, just enough to coat everything thoroughly. Allow 3-5 minutes for the product to penetrate. Wipe off any drips if needed. Since heat helps to “super-charge” and fully activate the molecules in the formula, firing rounds through the barrel is the key for creating a harder, smoother bore surface. Spartan Accuracy Oil™ was specifically designed as a penetrating metal conditioner with low viscosity to best move the molecules into the pores and gaps of the metal. Because of its penetrating nature, shooters may notice that the Spartan Accuracy Oil™ seems to have disappeared or evaporated. Instead, the Accuracy Oil has created a harder, smoother surface, leaving carrier oils to carbonize during firing or to attract and hold sand or other unwanted particles.

Note: Spartan Accuracy Grease™ can be applied on the slide rails and other internal parts where a shooter may prefer to use grease.

Step 4 - Load and fire 3-5 rounds.

Step 5 - Apply another coating of Spartan Accuracy Oil™ inside the bore.

Note: Do not clean the barrel between shot groups. We want to load the molecules in the Accuracy Oil into the metal at a microscopic level. This is not bore lapping and will not build up.

Step 6 - Fire off a second group of 3-5 rounds.

Step 7 - Repeat steps 5 and 6 (lube and shoot) three additional times.

This will give you a total of 5 shot groups. You have now integrated and activated the Spartan Accuracy Oil™ molecules into the metal components of your firearm reducing friction as a problem.

Once you have completed the one-time conditioning protocol, we recommend staying on a regular cleaning and lubricating schedule with Carbon Destroyer™ and Accuracy Oil™.

When was the last time you cleaned your gun? If you can't remember, this is your sign. Click the video below for cleaning tips and tricks