The question from the consumer, "What if hunting is how I relax?  Do I look for product under the Shop by Purpose/Hunt section or the Shop by Purpose/Relax section."  The answer is; it depends.  We actually put products in several places that might make sense.  For example, Orbizorb cleaning pads are under Shop by Purpose/Maintain, while they'll also be in the hunt section.  You will see in number 4 a quick list of uses which make it more than just a cleaning pad.  What I have learned here at Go Gear Direct is there are folks inventing some superior products that make the hunting and the relaxing even more enjoyable.

I have listed a top five out of our hunt category for that walk in the woods.  Check it out.

Number 1 - Meopta Binoculars

I like to spot and stalk and these binoculars really gather the light so you can see clearly early and later in the day. I need all the advantage and they give it. You can check out a comparison we did with some more expensive Leicas in this Meopta Gear Review.

MeoPro HD 8 X 32 Binocular

Number 2 - Ultra-Light Bino Holster

The shock cord grips hug your body while transferring the weight of your binoculars equally around your shoulders and chest. This eliminates digging into your skin or body. A perfect pairing!

Ultra-Light Bino Holster | Black

Number 3 - Sniper Hog Light Flashlight Package in 2 ColorsGreen View

I pre-scout where I am going but it is nice to have a little light to get started. This flashlight allows me to choose two colors that fit my style - You can see this green is effective when looking down range.

40KAP Headlamp Package - Selectable LED Color and Quantity

Number 4 - Orbizorb Rifle Pad

A few reasons why these pads are wonderfully functional:

  • A cushy seat when you get into the woods early and want to sit under the turkey roost
  • A foldable cushion for resting your rifle on a tree branch
  • A blaze orange warning for other hunters as you walk in and out of the woods
  • A protective cover for your tailgate as you field dress your successful bag

Rifle Pad

Number 5 - Vapur Water Bottle

I understood exactly what the consumer meant when I saw the note- It can be confusing. We are always thinking about how to make it easy to shop. Hopefully, you will find some of the products above perfect for relaxing and hunting!

Vapur .7 Liter Water Bottle | Selectable