Full Disclosure: we are not armorers, however, if we can do it with these tools from Present Arms.

The 1911 is as American as apple pie. And for more than 100 years in wartime and peacetime, with military, Law Enforcement and competitors, and in the hands of experts and the casual shooter, the 1911 is still the choice of American shooters. With millions upon millions of rounds having been fired in the original .45ACP, 9mm, 38 Super, .380, .22 and others, you would think the demand for such a gun would have disappeared. On the contrary, you have innovators coming up with accessories and improvements to meet consumer needs. The accessories have driven a new problem that Present Arms is addressing: how can you provide the gun enthusiast with support so that servicing the 1911 is easier? The next sections document how to utilize Present Arms patent pending plug and play armorer set to service the 1911.

The Armorer plate offers a stable platform to hold the firearm and pockets to keep the parts form going adrift.

Here's what you need and we have it.

  • 1911 Armorer’s Plate, the base strategically cut to support a variety of repairs and functions
  • Small swivel enabling a full 360 degree rotation for full access to your firearm
  • A single stack magazine post, custom cut to fit the magazine well of your 1911 or MP-1A

The plate has strategic cuts. Let's start with the parts pocket at the top of the plate and work clockwise.

  • Top part pockets keeps small parts together
  • Side part pocket, holds an empty magazine or other items
  • Cut to hold the small swivel to support removal of the main spring from the main spring housing
  • Long cut to hold the slide when working sights or for extractor retaining pin removal on slides with external extractors
  • Strategically cut on the bottom of the plate enabling removal of the main spring retaining pin
  • Drill holes to hold the frame by way of the grip's bushings when the grips are removed, lining up mainspring retaining pin to be safely pushed out
  • Drill holes to mount the small swivel and magazine post for full 360 rotation or without the swivel to hold the magazine post fast
  • Lateral cut to hold the magazine post on its side should elevated support be needed
  • V-Cut to hold the barrel firmly to push out the barrel link pin should replacement be needed

Here you can see the 1911 frame mounted by way of the magazine well placed on the magazine post, with slide removed and parts placed, ready to clean.

The barrel is placed in a depression aligning the barrel link pin over a strategic cut for safe removal.

Below, the frame is positioned with the grips removed and grip bushings placed on the plate, lining up the frame so that the main spring housing can be pressed out for main spring housing removal.

Main Spring Housing pin removal is made easy with a strategic hole in the main plate.

  • The small swivel is placed in an inverted position in the side pocket
  • The main spring housing is pressed down on the swivel pin
  • The cross pin can now be easily be removed

With the frame mounted on the magazine post disassembly is a breeze, it’s the third hand often needed.

Sear pin and thumb safety easily removed. Repair and build functions are easily done while using the 1911 Armorer plate. For the novices using the 1911 Armorers plate, it makes learning a lot easier. For the armorer, the 1911 Armorer plate is a cost effective tool that offers a quick return on investment.

The Patent Pending 1911 Fixture block, mounted on the Armorer plate, is a must for checking the critical fits.

1911 Fixture block features

  • There is a cut to hold the grip safety should the thumb safety extension for trigger bow interface need dressing
  • There are two positions to hold the Thumb safety for Plunger and sear should the interface need dressing for proper fit
  • Two pins mounted
  • Hold the hammer for strut pin removal
  • Hold Hammer and sear for inspection of fit / interface
  • Hammer held for strut pin removal
  • Hammer and sear held to check fit

Grip safety held holding the trigger bow extension for inspection and dress

Thumb safety held for sear interface inspection or dress.

Thumb safety held for plunger interface inspection and dress.

With the frame held on the magazine post you can do the sear and disconnect installation alot easier.

Present Arms plug and play armorers tools